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A House of Words

Run by a pair of metaphor-loving, simile-craving, typo-hating literary enthusiasts, Amazon Kdp Publishing is the place where authors come to terraform their ideas into living, breathing works of literature. With a team of 260+ experienced writers, a cumulative word count of more than 500,000 words and after 1,500+ successful project completions, we can proudly say that we’re the best at what we do.


What We Bring to the Table

We didn’t become the No.1 book writers in the US by smashing buttons; we used strategic planning and offered clients what no one else did.


Insufficient transparency is the root of all problems, so we keep our distance from it.

24/7 Support

Our account managers help streamline the process, keeping you updated every step of the way.

Quick Turnarounds

With lightning-fast turnaround times, we stay two steps ahead of our competition.

Guaranteed Privacy

We treasure the trust our clients place in us, and we would never dream of hurting it.

Army of Ghostwriters

As per your book’s requirements, a ghostwriter is allotted to you from the get-go.

0% Plagiarism Policy

Our 0% plagiarism policy ensures all clients get authentic, custom, and unique content.

Our Services

What We Can Do for You

With a penchant for uncompromising quality and complete customer satisfaction, we pour the essence of your story into our words, shaping the end product into an original and unique work of literature. Using our experience and knowledge as guiding tools, we craft bespoke strategies that suit our clients’ interests.


We offer white label services to clients who need to borrow our words to express their idea more vividly. And don’t worry, our ghostwriters are second to none.

Editing & Formatting

When it comes to perfecting your manuscript, the devil really is in the details. But with our eagle-eyed editors and ever-watchful formatting professionals on the case, you can rest easy.


Need to catch the attention of publishing agents and houses? We can help! Using our pool of resources, we can fish out a suitable publishing match for your book in no time!

Our Battle-Tested Process

Creative junkies like us are always a mess, so we developed a foolproof plan to eliminate all potential errors.


Draft Submission


Primary Editing




Secondary Editing



What Our Clients Say About Us

Here’s how our ever expanding web of global clients views us.

“I am glad that I trusted Amazon Kdp Publishing for their ghostwriting services! The team that I worked with managed to maintain a high level of professionalism throughout the timeline of the project and they submitted exactly what I was looking for. Good job guys!”

Anne Gardner

“Working with Amazon Kdp Publishing was a pleasure and I can’t imagine receiving better content from any other agency. They managed to deliver exactly what we discussed in the initial brief and kept me in the loop throughout the timeline of the project– perhaps because I was a little reluctant on trusting their writers at first. I take my words back and appreciate the additional effort!”

Emilie Robertson

“I needed some help in writing a book for my students. Even though I had a lot of material and resources for inspiration, my schedule didn’t allow me to actually sit down, and fan the flames of a long-lost hobby. Long story short, I stumbled upon this brilliant agency and my students absolutely love my lectures! Naturally, I plan on hiring them again very soon!”

Bruce Owens

“Amazon Kdp Publishing is the best! I am an accomplished writer myself and I was pretty excited to get my work done from these guys. Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give these guys is that I learned a thing or two about writing compelling content throughout the timeline of my project. Of course, this only happened because they kept me in the loop from start to finish. Keep up the good work guys!”

Portia Fey

“This is a special shoutout to George and his team in Amazon Kdp Publishing because they managed to conjure up a well-thought-out memoir for me so I could gift it to my wife on our wedding. To read your own biography as if it was a fairytale is probably the best wedding gift and I know now that the ghostwriters at Amazon Kdp Publishing are up to the challenge. P.S. my wife loves it!”

John Sumner